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There's so many things we have and are always learning which is how many of us got involved with the ATN in the first place. We needed to find support for our kids, or ourselves or both. We wanted to reform the adoption process and help all families involved before, during and after adoptions are finalized, before, during and after families are reunified. The adoption community came to understand that there's a place for lived and learned expertise and one without the other is incomplete.

We learned that families are the experts on what families need and we can each only speak about our experiences as part of what is called the adoption triad birth parent, adoptive parent, and child. We learned our experiences within that triad are not the same and that we need to learn from each other. And we can share what it is we have learned, sharing what does and doesn't work, what does and doesn't help, what may or may not be useful.

We can share stories, and community, and compare how what happens in our lives and homes may be different than what experts predicted based on what clinics, studies, and labs. I know I'll be tuning in. Here's the schedule.

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Here's the scheduled line-up. Daniel J. Ross Greene, Ph.

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Again, all of these are available, for free, for 24 hours and you have to be registered to get the email links. Note: I'll be speaking about Parenting with ACEs and what trauma-informed parenting looks and feels like for parents who are trauma survivors. My interview airs on Sunday. It's personal. This is not an uncommon reason for people to choose adoptive or foster parenting but it's rarely talked about or discussed. The truth is many of us feel we are especially well-equipped to love kids who have experienced early loss and trauma because that's something we too have experienced.

Many of us also have felt ill-equipped or unwilling to manage symptoms of traumatic stress no matter how well-managed along with concerns about pregnancy and managing moods and medications because there is very little support to do so until or unless one is in a crisis situation or wealthy enough to purchase additional support. Many choose to avoid parenting entirely because the impact of the past, or the fear of repeating it are too daunting or because we don't have enough support to manage our fears and real-life challenges. It's for this reason that even those without children are welcome in the Parenting with ACEs community and have opinions, feelings and experiences that are relevant.

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We may have concerns about birth, breastfeeding, and how to provide love, attachment and security when bonding, intimacy and interpersonal family relationships have been traumatic for us and when we have no inner guidebook of experiential knowing to pull from. We want to use hard won lessons or post-traumatic growth.

And, we also maybe just know how amazing it is to parent, what an honor and privilege and opportunity it is. Many of us found parenting healing in ways we never predicted or expected, found ourselves capable of creating stability, safety, and strong bonds. For some of us, that experience made us know in new and deep ways how much adversity and trauma kept us knowing about the sweeter parts of love and life.

Though the work of healing, individually and generationally, is hard it is far more than that. It's transformative, even magical, because we are never to old to benefit from knowing love, how to give it, receive it, expect and count on it, how to create and restore and recover it within relationships.

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That is work that benefits us, our kids, and generations past, present and moving forward. That's what I believe. Its greater workings I cannot claim to understand. But I know this: Whatever we set our days to might be the least of what we do, if we do not understand that something is waiting for us to make ground for it, something that lingers near us, something that loves, something that waits for the right ground to be made so it can make its full presence known. I am certain that as we stand in the care of this faithful force, that what has seemed dead is dead no longer, what has seemed lost, is no longer lost, that which some have claimed impossible, is made clearly possible, and what ground is fallow is only resting - resting and waiting for the blessed seed to arrive on the wind with all Godspeed.

This is how I feel about this movement work and how it moves so many of us. It happens in our own lives and families, in our own wind and soil, in our systems and communities - and all that makes for a stronger world. Again, register here to get emails to access the free interviews and how to buy them all after the fact if you miss them or want to have them.

Cissy - Thank you for sharing this is a wonderful learning opportunity! Your such an amazing, heartfelt writer!! I was thinking of ACEs survivors as I read this:. Cissy, that was really insightful. So much information about adoption which no one talks about. Thanks Cheryl! I think there are so many lessons the ACEs movement can learn from the adoption rights movement, that relate to trauma, attachment, voice and agency.

We so many doing great work with and as adoptive families and who have been doing so for decades and decades. As Clarissa Pinkola Estes writes in the Faithful Gardener: "What is this faithful process of spirit and seed that touches empty ground and makes it rich again? Buy now. This course includes. Certificate of Completion. Training 5 or more people? What you'll learn. Adults should consider themselves as servants and be always ready to serve the needs of the child Students, please have an open mind about the child.

Should have no wrong prejudices or may be prejudice of any sort about children.

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Child is the one to become a man with all the factors expected of him. Montessori 1. A child in an alien environment. This video helps in the psychic development of the child right from birth. Children sensitivity to order Sensitivity to order can be seen in children right from birth till Who this course is for:.

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