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You may unsubscribe at any time. By subscribing, you agree to the terms of our Privacy Statement. Kindness, though typically considered to be a weakness, is actually a strength. Everyone has their own demons and is fighting their own fight. The perpetuation of anger is everlasting. It feels good. The way you act is a reflection on yourself.

It will make others happy and it will make you happy.

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Quote by Frank Burns: “It's nice to be nice to the nice”

Ireland in the Eurovision Song Contest. Eurovision Song Contest Archived from the original on Retrieved Categories : Eurovision songs of Ireland Eurovision songs of songs Ireland stubs. And am better at spotting them now. Thank god for my good friends! The only danger is those that cannot comprehend "being nice" will make up asinine stories to explain it away.

This is a bit extreme. People, who are courteous, help others and have empathy Sure, I guess it could happen. However, many people are just courteous.

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They've learned to express themselves before they get upset and it turns into an argument. They can say no, but they choose to help if they can. If they cannot, they'll let you know.

It’s Nice To Be Nice

This idea of being nice being a problem There's nothing wrong with being polite. Know your limits and be truthful with others. If you cannot volunteer, say so. Be honest. It's the most helpful thing to do in the long run. I agree with what you said there. I like to consider myself a nice person but you are right on the volunteer dept. I don't like to volunteer that much. With both my husband and I working and kids with extracurricular activities it makes it hard for me to volunteer.

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And honestly I'd rather be relaxing when I have the chance. Luckily, I learned very quickly to say no.

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And I think besides being nice and kindness we need to add a bit of Grace to that mix. No one has any grace anymore, it's a one and done deal. Understandably for the big things, but what about the little things? Lavender, I agree with all that you've written. I can be very frank with people when it's warranted, but to interpret nice as a bad thing is looking at this from the wrong side. Being courteous and polite to people is what we used to call "common decency" Fine be honest, but don't be an ass because you think you should be "more you" and less "nice.

I was raised to be a nice guy. I don't always want to be. My solution is to characterize myself as an generally an asshole. That way if I happen to be nice to people, they will view it as a special occasion. Being nice to people doesn't mean you give in to everyone's whims, that's a pushover. Too nice? Again, that's a pushover. Can't say no? Too agreeable? I'm definitely not a pushover, but also not nice.

I'm working on being nicer. What hog wash. Being, nice or tolerant of others misbehavior or rudeness has its own rewards and promotes the same in others. That's what being an adult is about. It is possible to be genuinely nice to others without internalizing and having a break down.

If you are assertive and nice, then this victim-internalizing stuff won't happen. If you have spent your life figuring out what makes people human, and accepting it then you shouldn't have a breakdown from all that niceness. People are people. They all have emotions and bad days. If you are consistently nice, and you have some kind of resentment then that is your problem although this could be the what you addressing here, as the ONLY reason for being nice. If you are nice and people are rotten that is their problem.

There is nothing wrong with being nice. Most people deserve it.

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And it makes your way through the day much easier. Less stress. As long as you understand that people have human qualities, just like you, you can accept that every exchange will not be perfect. And if you are nice just because you are fighting inner feelings of resentment and hatred etc. Not nice. If nice is a front for bad feelings and perceptions, then maybe it needs a new word to describe it PS if feeding your body kale instead of ice cream is 'nice' instead of a want to stay healthy, and makes you have regrets, then you should learn how to be whatever that is, without declaring it on social media and putting others down to make yourself feel better about being Let's not confuse being nice with being weak.

I am extremely nice. Not because I need to kiss butt or am weak but because its who I am and because we could use more niceness in the world. For a society with a vast amount of anti-bullying groups and calls to action we repeatedly bully, judge and harass others through tweets, posts etc. So what's wrong with being nice? When I am nice to someone and they are mean to me I feel bad for them not me. It's their judgment and insecurities that keep them from missing out on the freedom of being awesome.

I don't have a problem with people who are mean so let's call it even. If you wanted to make self centered, insecure vanity lovers happy, this is the article for them. Look, if you don't want to feel inadequate due to your narcissistic, unforgiving, pessimistic construct of what is you, then just ignore it. Don't put that crud on the bottom of my shoe, but if you do, at least I will pick it up and throw it in a nearby trash can, unlike you. Being nice is a problem? The problem with this evil world that we live in, is that there are not enough nice people in it.