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Indeed, many writers including Stephen King, Robert A. Heinlein, Ray Bradbury, A.

His clipped, imagistic prose, exotic locales, and powerful sense for dramatic situations, make L. Jam-packed with tough guys and heroes, femmes fatales and voluptuous damsels, L. Your email address will not be published.

Hallucination (short story) by Isaac Asimov Audiobook

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All the latest offers delivered right to your inbox! We Accept. Though they have never met, they coincidently visit their former teacher and mentor, Melchior, in Persia who reveals he has invited them to his house at the same time for one last lesson related to a unique discovery in the alignment of the stars. It appears that the heavens are proclaiming a new king. Read the Review Here. In her simplicity and quiet wisdom, Annette Young proves to the reader that it does not take a fantastical world, or superpowers to be a superhero, or even excessively refined martial arts and detective skills to save a life and make the world a better place.

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Read the Full Review Here. Cinder Allia by Karen Ullo serves readers a fun, creative Cinderella story. Her plot of political intrigue, quests for love, and restoration of a kingdom progresses through a cast of diverse characters who all struggle with their loyalty to their true selves. Ullo has captured my imagination and has written many excellent unforgettable scenes with vivid imagery and dialogue, humor, and an exciting plot worth reading again and again.

The literary treasure and the incredible intrigue it contains are well worth the read. Arrow in Flight is a moving story of the angels in heaven as they help their friend, cherub Gabriel, recover and heal from a traumatic attack incurred while on assignment looking for ten good men in Sodom.

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While not a fallen angel and still sinless, the scars of this experience leave Gabriel troubled, moody, and callous to the pains of the human race that hurt him so. This unique semi-episodic structure gives the novel an engaging rhythm that draws the reader into a fully realized world.

It is clear that Lebak has done her research on angels and is introducing them as a community with relationships and personal strife.


I enjoyed getting to explore their world and feel like an insider. Many of the events and short stories follow the historical events of the Bible referencing not only Sodom and Gomorrah but also the angelic visions of Ezekiel and the events of Tobit. Skip to content. We at Catholic Reads have found many wonderful books since our launch this year, and while it is hard to narrow down our favorites we did our best. In no particular order, but organized by genre, here are some of the books that have stuck with us the most this year.

Erin McCole Cupp apparently. He converts and baptizes a Gelen.