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The Leskernick diaries are self-censored, this fact must be stressed when they are eventually used in publication. Barbara explains that they keep two versions of their diaries, one for public consumption, another which presumably tells the truth! January 26, We discuss the Nested Landscapes article, particularly the use of the diary entries. Barbara has already mentioned the self- censorship problem. They lie because of what they do not say.

I wonder how sincere is that criticism. Barbara agrees that the problematic nature of the diaries needs to be addressed explicitly, but she is adamant that the unexpurgated diaries should not appear. As I write now, I am aware of the problem. Who am I writing for? Myself, of course, but what benefit will this have for the project if I do not even submit it to Barbara, Chris or Sue?

AE Project Diary: 6) Xian part 1. Compositing.

The meeting is too brief. Little is resolved.

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But then I think what is the point? I will only delete it later when the private text becomes public. Only the banal will survive. February 2, Back at the Department.

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I read a lovely letter from Chris. It is sensitive and encouraging. The imagined rift is mended. I smile to myself, but am also rather shocked at his criticisms of Barbara. Our belief or non-belief in each other is amended within the hour.

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We spend about an hour looking at the site, looking at other sites and generally discussing matters arising. I feel happy with the reaction. Sue had previously announced that she had an appointment at 4pm, Barbara, Chris Tilley and myself had agreed to go on for a coffee to discuss the project further. Before separating, Sue announces that it is obvious from the diaries that her organisational skills are not appreciated, and that she intends to leave Chris and Barbara to their own devices this year.

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This document consists of three main parts. The first part provides a cross-country overview of selected important DSS output variables and their projected development under current FMMs over years. This part is intended to allow readers to get familiar with the basic information which was used by the LCCs and ES experts for producing their assessments. These assessments are presented in the second part to the full extent.

In the third part, the authors come to a synthesis taking on the title of this paper, asking for potential discrepancies between ES needs and ES outputs under current FMMs. This film shows how c hances and risks of alternative silvicultural concepts are calculated and visualised using SILVA, a forest growth simulator. Project Meeting and Travellab in Porto 3.

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Synthesis report 5. Cross project meeting in Ireland 3. Next steps: Scientific workshop cross cases. Scientific and non-academic project partners and several stakeholders attended the meeting sessions and discussed current issues related to forest management models. ALTERFOR scientists presented their project-related research findings to the audience of the largest forest research conference in this year. For this reason, the interests of stakeholders in the Case Study Areas and their power resources have been studied.

The first project meeting was organised in Zvolen Slovakia on November It combines the conventional field excursion with round table discussions with local stakeholders and follow up sessions in order to better understand the local context and improve knowledge about current and alternative forest management models FMMs and their implementation.

These scenarios, provided by the Austrian partner IIASA, cover a wide range of future trajectories for global development of climate change mitigation, economic growth, population development and overall use of natural resources. The forest modellers will utilize the scenarios to upgrade the different decision support systems used in the participating countries mainly in terms of climate modelling, forest owner behaviour, and ecosystem service provision.