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While not a complete resource some minor entries which could have been are overlooked, and in a couple of entries mild conjecture is made- but when it is made a notice is given by Robert Foster that they are conjectures , it remains an excellent resource for Tolkien Fans.

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Aug 06, Diana Bever Barber rated it really liked it. This is a reference guide. It isn't really a cover-to-cover read, though, I suppose you could do it. I really enjoyed the thoroughness of this book. Foster covers his bases through the Hobbit to the Silmarilion sp? I couldn't think of anything that was missing, and I learned a little about some people, places, and things that I was shocked I didn't already know.

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This is a handy guide to have when reading Tolkien's works. Apr 20, HBalikov rated it really liked it. From the First Era of Tolkien Rediscovery. Very comprehensive discussions of people, places and things.

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A bonus are the genealogical tables and Chronology of the First Age. Maps provide little detail beyond what Tolkien drew.

No speculation is both a virtue straight Tolkien and a loss no attempt to draw on secondary sources. Highly useful whether reading the original works or reviewing Peter Jackson's efforts. This is the best source of all things Middle Earth. I used it extensively while I was reading the Lord of the Rings series. This very useful appendix even explains dates given during the First Age. It gives you just about everything except the temperature of the character's backsides. I love dictionaries and encyclopedias, and this is an absolutely great reference guide.

It is truly perfect when you want to get a quick overview of characters, artifacts, locations, epochs etc. The only thing that could make it any better in my eyes, would be the inclusion of maps. Jul 18, Bruce rated it really liked it Shelves: reference. This little book was indispensable to my thorough digestion of Tolkien's famous books. While it isn't completely exhaustive, it does provide a comprehensive alphabetical dictionary-like reference to the many names, places and historical references Tolkien scatters throughout his works. A must-have for any big Tolkien fan. Mar 07, Regitze rated it really liked it Shelves: library-books , 4-stars , male-author , tolkien , read , college-books , non-fiction.

Since this is more of an encyclopedia than an actual "book", I only looked up the things relevant to my essay and found the information very Idk, I think it will be useful at least and there is a lot of information in this book about almost everything pertaining to the world of Middle-Earth. Shelves: middleearth-tolkien. In alphabetical order are listed every person, scene, term and background to Tolkiens world. In the appendix can be found a chronology of the early period of Arda and the family trees of the most important elves and kings.

This review refers to the german edition revised by Helmut W. A guide both useful and valuable to keeping up with the tousands of characters, races, places, battles, events and thousands of years of history of Tolkien's Middle Earth. Particularly indispensable if you're planning on making your way through The Silmarillion or you simply want to go back on a fact-checking trip. Dec 28, Mawgojzeta marked it as to-read Shelves: to-reread. I was not quite sure what to expect from this, but picked it up while waiting for a copy of The Hobbit from the library.

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Not doing me much good without one of the novels or all. It needs to be returned before that, so I will have to reacquire later. Looks very helpful. Oct 01, Carlesme rated it really liked it. I used this guide throughout reading the Lord of the Rings trilogy and watching the movie, as well as writing a recreational fan fiction. It has been very useful and I learned a whole lot of bizarre and interesting facts about the characters, places, and objects.

Jan 11, Dan Glover rated it liked it. This is a very helpful guide to the manifold names and places from Tolkien's total Middle-Earth corpus. I am pretty fair at keeping the Hobbit and LOTR straight but as I am not as familiar with the Silmarillion only read one-and-a-half times and other works, this is helpful. To be honest I can't really say I've started at the beginning and read tot he end - just as one wouldn't with a dictionary or an encyclopaedia.

But this is my invaluable, at hand, reference work whenever I read, or write, anything Tolkien related. Aug 15, Margaret Metz rated it really liked it. My whole family loves Lord of the Rings so this book was something that appealed to us all. I have to admit I used it more or less to look up things that interested me whereas my boys have read it cover to cover several times.

Your Guide to The Hobbit

This is a great guide to the world of Middle Earth that has lost most of its value in a world post-Google. It features succinct explanations for pretty much any obscure location or character you may run across, and it's very easy to read. This is how I got through LotR. I'll go back and re-read LotR one day, but at the time, I had trouble keeping track of the characters. Besides being a useful reference while reading the books, it was fun to read on its own! Mar 07, Walsh Tripon rated it it was amazing.

I've read this book after completely reading The Hobbit and the entire Trilogy. Came in handy when it came to recalling certain characters and places that were not stressed that much in the books.

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Very helpful book. Readers also enjoyed. About Robert Foster. Robert Foster. Robert Foster b. After the publication of Tolkien's The Silmarillion, the guide was expanded to cover the latter work and republished as The Complete Guide to Middle-earth Sign Up Log in Wishlist Help.

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